A Bit About Me:

I'm happily married to the man of my dreams. We have four beautiful children that light up our lives. Besides taking care of the home front, I enjoy gardening and landscaping, keeping chickens and bees, traveling and culture shock (the more shocking the better), laughing, and just enjoying nature. I am a true blue do-it-yourselfer. I love life. I love cheesecake.

After years of photographing everything from weddings to babies to families to whatever, I decided to specialize in my two favorite areas: weddings and high school seniors.  I have never regretted simplifying my approach.  I just love weddings and the incredibly nice seniors I meet.

Are we a match?  If you like my approach to photography, we just might be!  Read on to discover how I like to capture weddings and seniors....



Details, details, details. My favorite part of shooting weddings is capturing the details. I want to document everything! I never want you to forget all of the glorious planning and decisions that went into making your beautiful day.  I love candid shots. You know, the ones no one knows you are taking. I really try to just be a part of the background and go unnoticed. I never want to be a distraction.  But don't worry, I take formal group and couple shots, too.

Your wedding photos are really a documentation of the months of planning that went into this special event.  Your wedding day only lasts a day. After the food is eaten, the flowers have faded, the dress is packed away, and guests leave, all you really have are the photographs that remind you of the wonderful memories of your wedding. Documenting the day with detailed photography is the best decision you will make!  You'll never regret it!

High School Seniors:

What a glorious time of life! I love shooting teenagers at this exciting milestone. They are full of fun, energy, and they're gorgeous to boot! I try really hard to capture the personality and happy self of each of my seniors. I want to take beautiful pictures that are timeless. I try to stay away from trends and cheesy photographic effects that will undoubtedly date the picture in years to come. I like simplicity. Isn't that a beautiful word?